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What is iComeUp?

iComeUp - “To discover and Inspire the world” The journey began in August 2015 when CEO Cody Kerns noticed a common disconnect most businesses and entrepreneurs have with social media; reaching their target audience.

Why spend the time creating quality content if no one sees it?Since IComeUp Marketing began, it has impacted over 800 different businesses and personal brands, resulting in new and progressive connections and clientele. Along with helping others, the IComeUp brand has reached an Instagram audience of 14.5K Followers, a Snapchat Following of 3.5-6K followers, a Twitter following of 2.4K followers, a Facebook Fan Page with over 300+ likes, and a Periscope with 100 followers as well. Totaling up to roughly 20,000 people that we engage with on a daily basis and growing.

We now have 300+ happy clients who use the iComeUp Brand Boosting Service on a month to month basis, Resulting in thousands of new followers and impressions! Whether it is for your company or your personal brand, IComeUp finds you REAL targeted followers to engage, network and work with in your specific industry/field of interest.

IComeup has built quality websites, performed SEO, reconstructed websites as well as Social Media Consulting for companies that do over $20,000,000 in annual revenue. IComeUp has connected countless individuals who have created products together, partnered up or even just built friendships. We have partnered up with major accounts/influencers on platforms such as Instagram, Vine, Twitter and more. Resulting in millions of additional engagements and impressions.

iComeUp will be and already is becoming the largest and most progressive New Era Social Media/Online Marketing Firm the world has seen, connect with us and start growing your brand today.

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